Meet the Writer #3 – Kailash Amesur

An entrepreneur turned author turned speaker, Kailash Amesur is a popular Fiction Writer. Lets read his experiences in the field of literature.

Please tell our readers something about yourself.

I am Kailash Amesur, an entrepreneur turned author turned speaker. As an author, I was awarded as Top 100 Inspiring Authors, Most Impactful Author, and Author of the Year.I had started my career as a production scheduler with a leading production house and therefore gained great insight into the art of story writing and intriguing plot creations. Later, I started my own venture as an entrepreneur and was immensely successful in it. After that, I decided to pen down my thoughts in a way that one cannot have enough of reading. The success of my first book inspired me to carry forward my writing with ‘The Stolen House’ – my second book. There is uniqueness in this work of fiction of mine through which I wish to evoke your appreciation.

What is your book “The Stolen House (Truth is Stranger than fiction)” about?

Milind is a no hero, he’s a maverick cop whose relentless pursuit of truth has earned him some dangerous enemies but when he is about to get promoted he comes across the most mysterious case of his life “The Stolen House.” A typical small town in Goa is famous about 2 things clean beaches and criminal lawyer Roy.

Roy has fought more than 100 criminal cases and won all of them, winning has become his hobby now. A suspense conflict between maverick cop and insolent lawyer. Every page of this novel will open door for a new suspense.

Did you face any unusual experience in the process of writing and publishing your book?

Book publishing was big challenge when I wrote The Stolen House. With very limited self publishing house which could provide all services, I was not sure about the exposure my book will get as there were very few online sites. Publishers offered sales with no marketing tools leaving behind no option to market your book on your own. Today, I see there are too many publishers which offer much more compatible packages and there are too many options one can opt for marketing.

How much time did it took you to write your book “The Stolen House”?

I have been not taking my writing so seriously. So, the initial part took a lot of time. However, while I was on a Business Trip in Goa, I took a break and decided to finish my book there. It took me 3 months in all with publication.

What is your favourite book apart from yours?

I am a diehard fan of Sidney Sheldon & John Grisham and I have read all of their books. Apart from that, I have started reading Amish.

Do you feel that the characters or background setting you write about are inspired from real life experiences?

Yes, every character is special for Author; Fiction needs a strong imagination which at times turns out to a very unpleasant ride.

Which target audience you keep in mind while writing this book?

I prefer to write short suspense mystery without much of fancy words so any generation could just pick it up and read without any hesitation.

Do you plan to write books on different genre too?

Yes, my next book is in editing. It’s a non-fiction “Men on DV (Domestic Violence) The other side of story”.

What advice you will give to the writers who are just starting their career?

Lets understand this. Having aptitude of putting words together is not enough to peruse writing as career. A famous Author once mentioned and I follow it very strictly, “If you want to peruse writing as career you need to have a discipline”. What he exactly meant was, you need to write everyday, minimum of 2 pages, irrespective of where you are and whatever you are doing. I get up at 5 AM to write. Writing early morning helps me to work on my character, give them different shades. You can choose anytime which suits you but ensure you make it a habit.

At what age you got introduced to reading the books and how?

I am very thankful to my childhood friend Rajesh Vora. Once while I was at his home for overnight stay, I found a small Book Rack which had one of the Sidney book.

Your take on Physical books vs E books.

Physical Books

Your take on Movies/TV Series vs Books.


What are your other hobbies?

I keep myself engaged in self learning activities.

How do you proceed to write the first draft of your book?

Fiction takes it own time unlike nonfiction wherein you can set a timeline with Index breaking up the book, the first thing is interesting plot and then shading the characters.

What made you write the book and how did you keep yourself motivated the whole time?

The plot was there in mind but I never took pain of penning it down. While I was on my Europe trip, I had ample of time and that’s where I decided to start writing and after the success of The Stolen House it never stopped.

Any funny experience you would like the readers to know?

Yes, In a book store a beautiful lady walked up to me and asked if  I was the Author of the book “The Stolen House”. I was overwhelmed with that it was my first public appearance but it turned out that she wanted me to connect her to another Author for an Autograph.

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